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The Gospel According to Anime's Journal
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Saturday, April 27th, 2013
8:04 pm
Checking in
LiveJournal tells me this community is inactive. Indeed it is, but I'm still hoping to put it to use some day. I have notes with a bunch of ideas stored in Evernote, but they're not yet ready for the public eye just yet. I'm hoping to have a little bit of a break around June/July in which to catch up on a number of writing projects, so perhaps then I'll be able to make a more substantial post.

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008
8:44 pm
"When I come up with a story and shape it, and someone reads it and thinks it was good. When my voice reaches people. There is nothing better than that." ~ Natsuki Takaya

A few months ago I was on a long car trip, squished between two people I did not know well in the back seat. After a few moments of relative silence, I fished a novel out of my bag and began to read.

One of the people next to me noticed this and asked, "Why do people like stories?"

The person on the other side of me said, "Why do people like candy?"

That conversation has come to mind often since that day, and I've spent a lot of time pondering that question of why humankind's love of "stories" is nearly universal. I think a better question would be, "Why are stories important to us?"

At a convention last spring, my sister-in-law and I were interviewed for a documentary on anime fans, and we were asked to explain what it is we like about anime. I answered right away, "Self-sacrifice." I sensed that seemed like a bizarre answer to the interviewer, so I attempted to explain further. Read more...Collapse )

If you are reading this, I hope that you will come along for the ride. You can choose to join or watch the community here. If you would like to write for the community, please leave a comment with your email address (you can delete it afterward for privacy; I will receive an email notification) and I will send you an application.


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